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Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Is this the greatest sequel of all-time? Do the special effects and action sequences hold up 30 years later? Is the nuclear apocalypse scene still one of the most horrifying scenes in any movie? Does John Connor's best friend, Bobby Budnick get sent to summer camp after his run in with the T-1000? We tackle all of these burning questions and more!

Episode 4: Soulsborne

Come listen to Tyler, Dan, Mason and jake as we do our usual rambles and crazy stories while we get into our first important issue (bound to break up the group) . Blood borne or Dark Souls?

Season 2 Trailer | Indiegogo Launch

Following the Season 1 cliffhanger...Bianca Diaz has nothing but questions. With Meteor City growing more and more dangerous by the day and uncertainty in the air...Bianca is forced to face her reality. Everything is about to change.  Bianca Diaz portrayed by Daisy Guevara MC is crowdfunding and we need your help. Please donate to our campaign and keep this story alive. Click the link below! Thank you!  - Wrightwood Fam


This episode we talk about Sweeping Promises, The Bug and three new releases from Iowa City's Pokey's Records.

Special Guests - Halfloves

Trevor and Nate of Iowa City, IA based band, Halfloves, stop by to swap tour stories, show rituals, writing habits, and a new single, 'Do U Follow Me?' Make sure to drop what you're doing and to seek out the song and get an ear full from one of Eastern Iowa's favorite Alt-rock Outfits!