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Music That Makes Us Cry w/ Mike Schulte

Mike Schulte joins us as we get in touch with our sensitive side with the music that makes us weep like Jude Law cutting onions.

Why Do We Keep Charging Clients The Same

Is the current pricing model for charging clients outdated? Could there be better solutions? We discuss making changes to the way we bill our clients.


Bianca is still reeling from meeting with Krystal and seeing a video she can’t explain. She looks for a distraction and for answers. Not sure where to go, she confides in Wes. Featured in this episode: Daisy Guevara as Bianca Diaz Cole Burkhardt as Trina Jared Worley as Wes Campbell Shaundria as D Madelyn Dorta as Krystal Mendoza Elijah Gabriel as Deon D Angel Dorta as Richard T. & Lisa Davis as Carol Also featured, Lewis Knudsen’s Gemini. For transcripts, please visit wrightwoodstudios