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Hard Side - I(drink)Tunes

You've heard our soft side episodes, but our Hard Side episodes are bound to get you....well, you get it. We Need a sound track to drinking AKA: all of 2020. what have you been drinking and listening to?

Why Do We Keep Charging Clients The Same

Is the current pricing model for charging clients outdated? Could there be better solutions? We discuss making changes to the way we bill our clients.

Season 1 Finale | Make It Through

TW: Physical distress + vomiting & pain A worried Bianca seeks help to find the whereabouts of a frequent caller, Richard. Overwhelmed, Bianca feels like she is trying to hold it together with very little luck. Violently ill and terrified, Bianca reaches out to the people she has met, they come to her aid just in time. Cast: Daisy Guevara Jarred Worley Elijah Gabriel Shaundria Madelyn Dorta Cole Burkhardt Leslie Gideon Alicia Atkins Alexander Hammet Sam Kim Angel Dorta Sandra Espinoza