Breaking In Podcast

On this podcast where we are going to be talking with small and medium-sized business and their journey of what it takes to be a flourishing owner and a leader.

Join us on the quest of learning what it feels to take an idea, something you truly believe in and make it into a reality. There are many obstacles in the way. Let's see how each owner tackles their roadblocks and gets their business off the ground.

We have asked every owner to be as transparent as possible to help everyone understand what it takes to be a success. Every owner, every business, and every story have a different course. Let's see together how their lives have changed.

Why Do We Keep Charging Clients The Same

Is the current pricing model for charging clients outdated? Could there be better solutions? We discuss making changes to the way we bill our clients.

Why I Moved Away From WordPress

After 5 years of working with WordPress websites and not being happy, I moved away.

The Journey Begins

The journey begins for us at UV Design. We have been running this business with very little push to grow into a main source of income. This year 2020 we are going to push ourselves into making this our main job.