Drinks & Discourse

Carl sits down with local business owners that are doing some great work for their community. Find out about some unique places, events, and just awesome people. They also enjoy a cocktail that award-winning mixologist, Carl from 7 Hills Brewery, has created.

Elainee Koehler, University of Dubuque

Elainee Koehler, student/intern at the University of Dubuque, shares her journey into academia, current involvement at the campus Heritage Center University of Dubuque , and upcoming featured events. 7 Hills Brewing Co. recently held a themed trivia that just so happened to coincide with a musical performance held at the Heritage Center

Woodstock, The Crow's Nest, Ink Responsibly

Drinks & Discourse is going remote on this episode. Carl and Woodstock are at The Crow's Nest talking about an exciting event that 7 Hills Brewing Co. and The Crow's Nest have coming up.

Keith Gutierrez, 7 Hills Brewing - Part 1

Here about how 7 Hills Brewing got started with Keith Gutierrez. It is always not about what you thought you were going to do.

Ann and Margie of Namaste Athleisure Wear, Kombucha | Drinks & Discourse

The most interesting aspect of interviewing local business owners is discovering the impulse that propelled them into their entrepreneurial voyage. Ann Butzier, of Namaste Athleisure Wear, is creating a unique shopping experience around the corner from here in the Millwork District of Dubuque, Iowa. Ann, and her general manager Margie, are extremely passionate about their work and enjoy seeing all the surrounding local businesses thrive as a community. Listen to their story as they discuss the fun and exciting things going on with their business.

Chef Ivo of Galena Canning Company, Not So Bloody Tini | Drinks & Discourse

Chef Ivo, owner and operator of Galena Canning Company, has heated up the hot sauce game for many many years, blazing trails wherever he journeyed. Chef's radical approach to creating flavor profiles separates him from the herd in the sauce and seasoning industry. We discover where Chef finds his inspiration to develop his unique recipes and discuss the collaborations in more detail between 7 Hills and Galena Canning Company. There might be a future Hot Wing Challenge, just saying...

Matt & Mike Blaum, Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. | Drinks & Discourse

The Blaum Brothers are killing the distillery game in Galena, IL. A manufacturer and retailer, Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. produce everything from bourbon, rye, gin, vodka, and even the enigmatic absinthe, utilizing locally sourced botanicals. Philanthropy is deeply embedded in their business model, along with other notable characteristics. Learn more on Alchemix: Drinks & Discourse.

Councilman Luis Del Toro | Drinks & Discourse

Councilman Del Toro - Dubuque Ward 2 is running for re-election to secure his second term. We sit down to reflect back on his achievements in term one and discuss his vision for Dubuque in the ensuing term to come. Today we feature Strawberry Fields, a tequila-based cocktail infused with strawberry puree, and orange bitters to round out the flavor profile.

Woodstock of The Crow's Nest, Bazinga | Drinks & Discourse

Today's guest is Woodstock, owner and operator The Crow's Nest and Retrospect Tattoo Removal, whose team is impacting the Greater Dubuque area through charitable donations and other gratuitous works. 😄 Today we feature the Bazinga cocktail, a unique blend of flavors that unites into one fantastic whiskey drink.

Jonathan & Samantha of McCoy Jeweler | Drinks & Discourse

McCoy Goldsmith & Jeweler 💎 are doing some exciting things for our local community. Carl sits down with Jonathan and Samantha and talks about raising money for many different charities and how they keep all their work in house

Jessica of Empowering Possibility | Drinks & Discourse

Yoga🧘‍♀️. Beer🍺. 2 of the best ways to unwind after a stressful day are under 1 roof at the 7 Hills Event Center. Jessica Hruska joins us in this episode to talk about her @Empowering Possibility yoga classes, beer, and other great activities in Dubuque. All while sipping on a grapefruit margarita. Keep an eye 👀 out for this drink in our weekend craft cocktail specials.

Abigail, Chris, and Dancing with the Stars 💃🕺 | Drinks & Discourse

Did you know that Dubuque has their very own Dancing with the Stars? 💃🕺 Today on Alchemix, I talk with Abigail Gutierrez and Chris Puetz, two contestants this year. We discuss what charities they are raising money 💰 to help our great community. 🙏 Find out how the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce has been putting on this fantastic event.

Dave from Dupaco Community Credit Union | Drinks & Discourse

In episode III of Alchemix, we speak with Dave Klavitter, the Chief Marketing Officer, of Dupaco Community Credit Union. Join us as we sip a Tech Killa and talk about the exciting new Dupaco development in the Millwork District. We sure hope Dave likes our blood orange and basil cocktail made with house-made pineapple sour and tequila!

Josh from See George Go | Drinks & Discourse

Hear from our good friend Josh Nagle about his progress with See George Go and Spine & Sport Chiropractic Center, P.C.. The featured cocktail in episode II is Mr. Tea. Cheers!

Teri and Jarod, Let's Get Chai | Drinks & Discourse

Here is the first video in our series Alchemix, The Science of Spirits. 😎We invited Teri of The Calico Bean Market and Jarod of Jumble Schoolhouse Cafe. We created a cocktail using ingredients from both local businesses. 👊🥳