I have a podcast how do I join?

We are excited to embrace new members to our network. If you would like to submit your podcast for consideration by our community, please fill out the form below.

What are the costs to join?

There are no costs to you.

What will be expected of me within the network?

  1. Content made Right will provide
    • Podcast hosting
    • Podcast features on the Content Made Right website
    • Links to your independent websites and social media.
    • SEO and all the behind the scenes visibility stuff that you don’t want to worry about so you can keep creating.
  2. Podcasters will be required to:
    • Upload their content to Content Made Right Servers
    • Content includes show notes, images, video clips when applicable, etc.
    • Embrace a community focused attitude and willingness to help others.
    • Have fun!

What happens after I submit my podcast for consideration?

We want to grow our community and build a network of as many Iowa-based podcasts as possible. Members of our community will review your podcast and reach out to you to discuss more details regarding the expectations of the network and tell you about ourselves!

What are the benefits of having my podcast on the network?

  1. Listener Outreach
    • The Content Made Right website will be a central location where your podcast will be featured among other high-quality, Iowa-based shows.
    • You will build relationships and gain the support of other members of the network. This includes plugs and links to your podcasts within the shows of other members.
  2. Community Knowledge
    • The goal of Content Made Right is to build a community of podcasters who are able and willing to share their knowledge with other members. Willingness to give and accept advice, constructive criticism, honest feedback, and answers to questions is a huge benefit to our community and individual podcasters.
  3. Save Money
    • Easy! There’s no cost to you!
  4. Make Money
    • As we build the community, we will work together to seek and obtain sponsorship’s with local and national advertisers. Through sponsor and profit sharing, members will help each other to make money and keep the network running.

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