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I'm Super Stoked Podcast is a show created by Sean Prior and AJ Vens. Based on, you guessed it, anything and everything we're super stoked on. Allow us to give you our Generation Y take on Music, movies, video games, beer, wine, current events, and nearly everything entertainment. What's the point in growing up if you can't be bitter and laugh about it?

This is a group open to anyone and everyone willing to join the conversation and perpetuate a fun conversation for the I'M SUPER STOKED PODCAST. We love just about everything music and movies. television, streaming services, concerts, creative endeavors, beer, wine, and much much more!

The more you participate here, the more often we can mention you on the podcast, and maybe even bring you on for a guest appearance! So please, don't hold back! Give us the ammunition so we can quote you and include you in the show!

The Platinum Era of Compact Discs.

Compact discs? Not compact enough! Flipping through the volumes of discs isn't near as easy clicking through Spotify or iTunes. But we did it.

Back on the Road!

We're back! and we're taking it to the streets! Well, the road to be more specific.

Now That's What I Call Party Music!

Turn your BOREantine in to a Dance-FLOORantine!.......Eh?

Virus?! You Hardly Know Us!

This will be our episode to address the recent events of the world. beyond this? it's business as usual.

Music That Makes Us Cry w/ Mike Schulte

Mike Schulte joins us as we get in touch with our sensitive side with the music that makes us weep like Jude Law cutting onions.

Soft Side: Over Sober

A month of sobriety has us feeling sharper, stronger, richer, and faster.....it was awful. JK LOL But seriously..

Wanted: Dead Or Alive. The Musicians We Want to Meet.

They say you shouldn't meet your idols. We say, F*%k that.

They got an Arcade?

What can I get for 23 tickets? I should have just played Mortal Kombat...


Carl Busch Pt. 2 Favorite Concerts

The man in the big office continues in to our favorite concert experiences! Producer Carl Busch joins us for this musically involved episode of storytelling.

Soft Side: ISS Producer Carl Busch

Producer Carl Busch stops in for some banter and beer before we dive in to our top 5 concert going experiences.

DECADEnt Movies

10 years narrowed down to 10 movies that got us super stoked.

Holiday Specials that put us in the Mood

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanaquanza.... ya know, let's not get political. TV specials as special as tv dinners.

Do You Even Sports, Bro?

Whacks on, whacks off. Sometimes it's an individual, other times it takes a team. But it always takes a montage and life lesson.

Rom Coms that Dom

These romantic comedies totally dominate bruh. feel those vibes

Top 5 Halloween candy!

Trick or treat, smell my feet, gimme something good to eat, if you don't (voice deepens) i'll slap the sh*t out of you.

Comedian Travis Bails Gets Super Stoked.

Comedian Travis Bails Joins Sean and AJ for an opportunity to get super stoked. on what you ask? mostly just being gassy..

Remake Reboot Redemption

no wait.. you don't have to.. okay fine, whatever...RE RE RE REEEEEMAAAAKE!!

Tom Hanks is Everyones Dad

Our top 5 Tom Hanks flicks. Yes. Even your Dad's Dad. the answer to life's oldest question; Who's your Daddy?.. Answer with pride and dignity.

Classic Cult Classics

don't worry, its the good kind of cults. The classics that you love and would totally drink the juice for.

childhood snack attacks

Serious after school munchies. Sarcastic mid class morsels. Summer sugar drinks. Why would they ever get rid of these things?

1999 The Turn of the Millennia for Cinema!

holy crap 20 years ago?

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

It's here. and we're super stoked. But Sean's knee is a different tale.

the good, the bad, and the artists that wrote them.

our favorite artists that have disappointed us and those terrible artists that show why they got a record deal in the first place.

We're not Crying You're Crying! Movies that make us cry with Mike Schulte

does it turn you on know how in touch we are with our feelings? Mike Schulte of The Pork Tornadoes joins us to explore our softer side in film!

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Super Stoked

Revenge with your choice of two sides, a roll, and dessert.

Merica the Moviful

How much 'Merica do you consume on a daily basis?


Let's talk about Sex!..Scenes.

hot, steamy, sensual, awkward, kinda gross, but kinda not.. just don't watch them with your parents.

the boot and scoot

that's amore for rizzle dizzle.

Top 5 Disney channel Original Movies

Corny but goodies. The best of the best of the movies we grew up with in our own homes.

The American Toast Gets Super Stoked

Tristin and Nicole from The American Toast Podcast join us to conquer our deepest most darkest fears.

Now That's What I Call the Soundtrack of your Childhood

The sound track of your childhood is an eclectic one. For better, or for worse.

TOP 5 Good, Bad Movies

a rocket launcher, a frisbee saw, and an inflatable sex doll walk on to a beach...

Video Game Movies W/ Ray Vens

Our favorite video games turned in to our not so favorite movies. But some of our favorite movies are definitely about video games!

Apocalypse NOW, BRUH!

If the world ends, could you/would you/should you survive? The question isn't when it will happen; the question is how it will happen??

April Fool's Special! Parody Movies!

Our top 5 parody movies for everyones least recognized holiday!

St. Patty's Day Pals

It's what we do best. Moives, beers, and being buds!

True Crime True Drama True Hype

Why are we so fascinated with death? Why are we fascinated with monsters? The dark side and mysterious part of life will always be there and until it goes away we will always want answers.

Top 5 Winter Movies

Top 5 Overrated bands and musicians

They may be popular, they may be catchy, they may even be legendary.. but just give it a sec.. they just may be overrated.

Top 5 Childhood Toys w/ Nick Himes

Did you get everything you ever wanted as a kid? of course not. most of it was junk anyways.

Desert Island Movies w/ Mike Schulte

Mike Schulte joins the show for an in depth discussion on what you and Wilson will be watching on your own private desert(ed?) Island!

Crime Movies w/ Nick Merulla

On this episode of I’m Super Stoked we have returning guest Nick Merulla. Nick was on our Office episodes and has come back to discuss a favorite sub genre of film we all are Stoked about...crime films! But first it wouldn’t be an episode without Priors Picks. On deck today is the remake of the 1977 classic horror film Suspiria, as well as some discussion on the new Daredevil season in Netflix and a quick review of The Haunting Of Hill House. We hope you’re thirsty because on today’s What Are We Drinking we have some special surprises and some unreleased treasures. “Yeah, see??” We are ranking our top 5 crime films along with some honarable mentions. How many times will Martin Scorsese be mentioned? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

EP. 30 - Halloween

EP. 30 - Halloween by I'm Super Stoked Podcast

ISS - Wolfman Got Super Stoked

On this episode the boys are guestless and that means it’s time to catch up with each other. AJ has some very special brews to try and review on the show as our thirst for craft beer may never be quenched. Sean has a ton of Priors Picks including The Predator, Destination Wedding, Mandy, and the boys have a special vacation to talk about. The Monster Squad is collectively a favorite movie of I’m Super Stoked Podcast. AJ and Sean went and saw a double feature of Wolfman's Got Nards, a new documentary and The Monster Squad. star of TMS and director of Wolfman's Got Nards, Andre' Gower was there for a Q and A and we have some stories to tell you.

Ep. 28 -SlowMo Intros w/ Megan Seals

You know those moments in life when you just feel like a badass and somewhere there’s a badass slo motion song playing just for you? Perhaps, you stood up to that bully, maybe you finally kissed the girl or boy, or maybe just maybe you flicked a cigarette onto some gasoline and exploded your enemy into a fiery satisfying ball of vengeance. On today’s episode we talk about our Top 5 slo mo entrance/songs to walk badass to. That’s right, those songs that play in your mind when everything is going right in your world and everything slows down. We are joined by our friend and Cedar Rapids comedian Megan Seals. Megan is an up and coming stand up who brings us this topic along with plentiful other great moments in the show. Of course no show would be complete without some Priors Picks or What We’re Drinking.

Ep. 27- Stranger Still

We are back with an all new episode and prepare to get strange. We have our friends, Nick Wood and Jon Biegen, hosts of the podcast, Stranger Still, on our show today and things get weird, spooky, and down right paranormal. We talk about a hodgepodge of weird including cryptids, urban legends, ghosts and the Slenderman movie and the origin of our most modern cryptid/urban legends. be sure to go listen to Stranger Still on all podcast platforms for more debunking of all kinds of stuff! whatever you do, don't leave a 3 star review..

Ep. 26 Actors you'll watch in anything - Kyle Derosiers & Jasmine Gonzalez

In this very special episode we have two guests hailing all the way from Los Angeles, California to talk with us about actors we will watch in anything. Acting is not easy but the peoole in our curated lists make it look like it is. Being actors themselves, Jasmine and Kyle give lots of great insight about what it takes and the hardships that come along with trying to be professional actors. Shedding light on having a passion and a dream and going out and getting it, working to perfect the craft, making good choices in the roles they choose. All of that and even some beer reviews and a Priors Pick on this weeks episode.

Ep. 25 - top 5(and bottom 5)Movie Sequels

In this episode the boys catch up on some recent events including a laundry list of Priors Picks and some IPAs from a friend of the show Luke Flanangan. Some sequels elevate the original material and some just shit all over it. The boys discuss what makes a great sequel as well as what makes a sequel straight trash.

Ep. 24 - Top 5 destination vacation spots pt. 2

In part 2 of our episode with special guest Carl Busch we get down to it, our Top 5 destination vacation spots we want to visit before we die. Where does Paris rank? What about Greece? Or even Jamaica? Does Sean even know what destination vacations are? Find out now!

Ep. 23 - Top 5 destination vacation spots part 1 w/ Carl Busch

In this episode we are joined by Carl Busch. Carl has been our friend and contributor to our group for awhile now and finally...he brought beer so we have him in the show. In this part we talk about some fine beers and Carl tells stories of getting lost and ending up at a brewery. We then move along to a new release filled Priors Picks, Sean saw Ant-Man and the Wasp as well as Sicario 2. All of that and more with Carl Busch.

Ep. 22 - Top 5 Movie Scores

On this brand new episode the boys as per the usual drink and talk about some pretty solid beers. They talk in depth about the documentary American Movie which appeared on Sean’s list of best documentaries. Priors Picks is plentiful this time around as Sean has some theater and VOD picks for your pleasure. The topic for this one is film scores and how they elevate certain films weather it be by emotion or suspense etc. These 10 films as well as some honorable mentions are definitely some of the best.

Ep. 21 - Killing Time

On today’s episode the boys discuss frustrating local traffic and how they are THE only good drivers in the road. Hockey is over! Aj and Sean are sad about it but they have some thoughts on the Stanley Cup final, who won? What next? We’re they're predictions right? Since they completely forgot about it the last episode Sean and Aj have a plentiful Priors Picks. In this episode Sean discusses the film Upgrade as well as the new horror film Hereditary. Is it as scary as they say it is? Join us this week and find out.

Ep. 20 - Top 5 Movie Soundtracks

In this brand new episode Aj and Sean definitely talk about traffic and how everyone sucks at driving but them. We then roll out some Priors Picks which is basically Sean exclaiming for everyone to see Hereditary. Music in film is very important. Imagine A Clockwork Orange without Singing In The Rain, imagine Singing In The Rain without Singing In The Rain. Music is synonymous with film and the right song can elevate a scene or an entire film. On this episode the boys list their 5 favorite soundtracks for films.

Ep. 19 - Bunker TV

The world is gonna end one of the these days right?.....Hopefully not sooner or later for that matter. BUT...if it were to end and you had a super awesome bunker to hunker down into(hypathetically speaking) which 5 COMPLETE television series would you bring down with you to last for who knows how long? That and more on this new episode.

Ep. 18 - Top 5 Documentaries

On this episode the boys discuss buying new cars and taking steps to better their careers as part of the everyday grind. Priors Picks is back and Sean has a plethora of new stuff to talk about including the new YouTube red series Cobra Kai, as well as Revenge a new indie that may or may not be an early highlight of the year. With the playoffs heating up the boys give their insight and predictions of the Stanley cup playoffs. Documentaries have shown us every side of human nature that we can imagine and when you put a camera in there to document it, it can be harrowing, scary, funny, heartbreaking. The boys discuss their personal favorites in an all new episode of I’m Super Stoked.

Ep. 17 - Super Hero Movies

We need a hero! On this episode of I’m Super Stoked we are talking about our favorite super hero movies. But first we talk about our epic weekend of music and our Cinco De Mayo shenanigans. AJ then gives his thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War and the Marvel Universe In general. With the release of Infinity War and the MCU taking over the earth we decide to talk about our top 5 super hero movies. Join us and fight us on our opinions!

Ep. 16 - this or that

Welcome to a brand new episode of Im Super Stoked! In this episode we discuss what we've been up to lately as well as some brand new Priors Picks. Sean recently saw Avengers Infinity War and he is whelmed to say the least, the subject brings up discussion about super hero movies in general as compared to other "art" movies and spoilers of such movies. The boys then try something new on the show, 10 This or That questions for each other! What could they be? Revealing? Ridiculous? Nonetheless ever entertaining and will get you stoked!

Ep. 15 - Summer Movies

Happens every summer, when the air is so heavy you cant breath, the nights turn long and sleepless, when you long for cooler times. You’ll miss it when it’s gone. What a those movies that remind you of summer as a kid? Movies that remind you of summer now? Can you feel the heat coming through the screen weighing on you? In this episode AJ and Sean are back and have some beers to crack into, as well as some much needed hockey talk as the playoffs are heating up. We have a somewhat abbreviated Priors Picks for you all before we talk about our Top 5 Summer Movies!

Ep. 14 - Top 5 Episode of The Office w/ Nick Merulla

The Office is perhaps one of the greatest comedy television shows of all time and with its seasons it is for sure a testament to the writing, acting, and directing that makes it stand out, let alone its very dry humor. In this episode we are counting down our Top 5 The Office(US) episodes. To help us with this impossible task is our friend and Office expert, Nick Merulla! So sit back, relax, and pump that opening theme song cause it’s gonna be a long, hard, big one....THATS WHAT SHE SAID!

I'm Super Stoked Bonus Episode w/ Nick Merulla (pre top 5 Office Episodes)

on this bonus episode we help you get properly acquainted with our Guest for top 5 Office Episodes, Nick Merulla. Nick is a long time listener, first time guest from our facebook group. He brings a strong knowledge base, a wicked tongue, and a rapist wit to the microphone, not to mention a new delicious beer and a Prior's Pick that you won't want to miss out on! Join us as we preface what may possibly be the most controversial episode in I'm Super Stoked History.

Ep. 13 - childhood cartoons w/ Nick Barritt

Hey football heads! We have a special episode for you; as it’s a part 2 of some sorts of an ongoing series having to do with childhood favorites. On this episode we discuss our favorite childhood cartoons and are joined by our friend, Wolfpack Productions engineer/producer and cartoon enthusiast, Nick Barritt! When it comes to cartoons Nick is your go to man. So join us in this episode because Zoinks! It’s gonna be a fun one.

I'm Super Stoked After Hours - A Quiet Place

Our guest has left but the mics are still on and AJ and Sean still have beer to drink. Welcome to the first installment of I’m Super Stoked bonus content we like to call, After Hours. On this episode the boys talk about the NHL playoffs. The teams have clinched and the big games start very soon. AJ and Sean have hockey talk things to say about that. They also talk about the new horror film A Quiet Place, the boys had both seen the film and had unique experiences watching it. Aj and Sean break down the meaning of silence in cinema and how A Quiet Place May or May not be stellar.

Ep. 12 - Top 5 Shows from childhood

What shows did you watch when got home from school when you were a kid? Was it, Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Growing Pains? Nickelodeon game shows with Mark Summers? We discuss those shows that you could not wait to watch when school was over. This episode we are excluding cartoons as that will be a different episode. So break out the Froot By The Foot, Go-Gurt, and the Juice Boxes because submitted for the approval of the midnight society, this is Top 5 kids shows.

WPPC The Guest List - Still Standing - Rise and Grind

Still Standing, of the Quad Cities ,comes through after a day trotter session to sit down and talk about the (not so) off season of changing members, recording a new single, and more! because lets be honest, there is no real off season for these QC hardcore heavy hitters. At the end of the day the music is king and passion runs deep. From album releases, touring, videos, and growth in social media, the north star remains the same. join us for a hilarious yet passionate conversation with these humble hardcore humans. @AJayVens @SeanPrior237 @thewppc JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP.JOIN THE CONVERSATION!

WpPc - The Guest List Mike Schulte - Bridging the Gap

Mike Schulte, Drummer of renowned Iowa cover band The Pork Tornadoes stops weasels his way on to The Guest List(much like he did with the band) to have a few light beers, and discuss the why his personal ideals have evolved in his musical journey. For Mike the rest of the band, they have made a huge name for themselves while taking songs that we love, from today and the past, putting a salty, meaty spin on it, and having a blast on and off the stage. Originally a hardcore advocate and aficionado, Mike now keeps one eye on the pop charts. Hoping to be able to bring life to whatever party they happen to be playing. but it's not all about seats and ticket sales. The Pork Tornadoes step on stage with the intention of making sure every person gets to have the best time while listening to great music. Join us as we bridge the gap of original bands and cover bands. the pros and cons of both. why do original bands play covers? can cover bands play originals? can we play shows together? Did Sean get a girlfriend?? Is AJ going on the voice? are you still reading this?? STOP!! LISTEN!! click this link if you dare... partydotcom.com @ajayvens @seanprior237

WpPc Episode 18 - Not Down with the Sickness

OOOOO WAH AH AH *HACK* *COUGH* *SNIFF* F*CK..........Influenza.. Sean and AJ are playing catch up after a super bowl sickness got us knocked out for the count. But that won't keep a solid offering of Tour Tips, rants, and everyones favorite, Prior's Picks! Val/Pal/Gal-entines day is a thing, we guess... and are you doing music for you?? or for someone else?? Join the conversation and dive in to another installment of Wolfpack Podcast! @ajayvens @seanprior237 @TheWpPc Featured Music! Beach House by Pulsing - https://pulsing8bit.bandcamp.com/track/beach-house Glow by Arias - https://arias1.bandcamp.com/

WpPc Episode 17 - The Guest List with Far From Fearless

Cedar Rapids Metalcore band, Far From Fearless, stops by to chat with Sean and AJ on this episode of Wolfpack Podcast Guest List! Camden, Colton, and Zach give an insight in to the process behind becoming a quickly rising act in eastern Iowa In only 8 short months. From partnering with Hope for the Day to join the battle of suicide prevention to their recent experiences with the pay to play circuit; there's sure to be something that'll make you wanna follow them on facebook, twitter, zanga, youtube..tumbler..all the good ones. AJ - ajayvens Sean - seanprior237 But seriously, check them out! https://www.facebook.com/FarFromFearlessIA/ https://twitter.com/FFFearlessIA https://www.instagram.com/farfromfearlessiowa https://farfromfearless.bandcamp.com https://farfromfearless.bigcartel.com Spotify Apple Music Google Play https://soundcloud.com/far-from-fearless

WpPc Episode 16

In this episode of Wolfpack Podcast Sean and AJ catch up with each other about how their weeks were and also discuss some important topics. Sean saw oscar nominated film Jackie and M. Night Shamalamadingdongs Split, he gives his thoughts on the two new releases. AJ has some things to say about merchandise. He gives his thoughts on how bands should go about getting their merch, what they should pay, and the quality/quantity bands should consider getting. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and gives us something to talk about. Have a tour tip? A Priors Pick? Something AJ should rant about? Let us know! @theWPPC @AjVens @SeanPrior237 FEATURED MUSIC - Please check out these amazing artists! Hairless Monk, Appalachian - https://youtu.be/XAPKYhyIHzs Still Standing, Monday Nitro - https://stillstandinghardcore.bandcamp.com/album/until-the-end-my-friend-3

WpPc Episode 15 - The Guest List with Jacob Willenborg and Jeremy Jacobs

In this new episode, the guest list is back! We have Jeremy Jacobs and Jacob Willenborg. Both multi-faceted musicians and artists, the duo's most recent collaboration is a Cedar Rapids rock duet consisting of Jeremy on guitar and vocals, and Jacob playing drums. These two give some insight on how the local music scene could improve and what is good about it. When positive attitudes meet strong work ethic, these two find what makes them the happiest; the music. The two talk about being artists but not taking the art way too seriously. As seriously talented musicians they are, Jeremy and Jacob make sure to keep the fun in their musical endeavors. featured music is by Holy Mammoth and Hairless Monk

WpPc Episode 14

Episode 14 brings more of your favorite parts of Wolfpack Podcast. AJ & Sean discuss #tourtips tweets from Gabe and Preston of Hunter Dumped Us Here, Andrew Wetzel of Attack Attack, and Aaron Pauley from Of Mice and Men! a short but sweet take on Prior's Picks. And AJ goes on a passionate rant about an important subject. settle in poor a glass of wine and ease in to another dope episode of musical discussion with Wolfpack Podcast!

Episode 13 The New Year

It's the turn of a new year! 2017 has come to pass and i'm sure by the time its over we'll all hate it as much as 2016! Sean and AJ get to chat a little bit about the 2016 year in review, where they've been, and what 2017 is all about. Prior's picks offers lots of great things to check out with Sean's top horror and overall picks for 2016! AJ dives in to the pros and cons of recording yourself, and when the right time in your career is to move to a professional setting and let paid professionals help you to complete a recording efficiently and and effectively. Music - Far From Fearless "Peering Through the Haze" AVAILABLE NOW ON SPOTIFY, ITUNES, GOOGLE MUSIC, and MORE! GET IN TOUCH @THEWPPC @SeanPrior237 @AJayVens

WpPc Guest List Episode 12 - Sam Koester

On this week's guest list we have Sam Koester from Heavyweight. Along with a wide range of history being involved in different bands Sam is also the mind behind River City Throwdown, a charity concert put on for the past two years benefiting the local domestic abuse shelter in Muscatine, Iowa. Being an advocate for a great cause and playing drums for hardcore band Heavyweight, Sam has remained humble and most importantly, excited about the local music scene. Find us on twitter! @thewppc @ajayvens @seanprior237

WpPc Episode 11 - Jason Feight

Jason Feight of Feight Club Productions, Hunter Dumped Us Here, and numerous other musical endeavors and practices sits down for the newly renamed Guest List; the esclusive interview portion of Wolfpack Podcast. Jason discusses where he came from, why he started playing drums, bouncing from band to band, the ups and downs of success in the industry and how he hopes to add to the musical ecosystem surrounding Cedar Rapids. The conversation is riddled with fantastic pieces of advice that musicians young and old could benefit from.

WpPc Carl Busch

Wolfpack Podcast episode 10 with Carl Busch. AJ & Sean sit down with Carl Busch of UV Films and Cedar Media Productions. Starting with nothing but a Sony handy cam, Carl and his brother, Nick, worked their way up from hobbyists making videos in the skate park to the seasoned professionals they are today. listen in as we talk about the ups and downs of starting their own business and turning their passion for film in to a self sustaining business. Also on this episode, We take some time to dive in to Priors Picks, where Where AJ and Sean discuss 'Don't Breathe' among other films and features. Featured music by Friendly Fire: On from their newest release "Still Alive"

WpPc episode 9 - Phil Tschechaniuk of Destrophy

Episode 9 of Wolfpack Podcast AJ and Sean are back at it again. First off we revaluate the effect of Wolf Pack Summer Jam and the effect of The WPPC in general. We venture further into another edition of Priors Picks. Sean talks about his recent viewings of a plethora of films including a recent VOD release of Too Late and the release of Don't Breathe. AJ also ways in on his thoughts on Suicide Squad. The boys then role into another rant on musicians knowing and perfecting their craft. Phil from Des Moines based band, Destrophy, joins the show to talk about the challenges and triumphs of being in a touring band on a major label. Phil gives some good insight on the local scene and how to improve. A truly genuine person on some fascinating points.

WpPc Episode 8 - Wolfpack Summer Jam 2016 recap

The boys are back with a recap of Wolfpack Summer Jam 2016. Priors Picks is in full swing and something on social media upsets Sean and AJ enough to cause a pretty epic rant about the abundance of artist culture filling the town of Cedar Rapids. listen to the end for a little treat from some of the Wolfpack Productions team! ;)

WpPc Episode 7 - Layton White

The WPPC gets sconed! On this very special episode of the Wolfpack Podcast we are joined by musical artist Layton White. But he's not alone. Along with him he brought some bagels and scones to share. We discuss the past, present, and future of Laytons musical endevors as well as some of the ups and downs issues and triumphs the local music scene has to offer. But first Sean finishes up on his De Palma series with Dressed To Kill as well as offering what cool things can be found on Netflix. AJ also joins this week's edition of Priors Picks and they discuss the show Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders. AJ offers up his take on what sort of work ethic a band should have in order to succeed in the music industry. A little delayed from the originally planned release date, but better late than never! we know you'll agree in this case!

Wolfpack Podcast Episode 6 - AJ & Sean

On this episode of Wolpack Podcast we talk to ourselves! Over the past 5 episodes we've had guests come on and discuss how they got into music and how they feel about the scene in general. In this episode AJ and Sean talk about their individual musical upbringing as well as their own personal love for the audio medium. Also discussed, Sean's recent trip to Iowa City's Filmscene in which he talks about Brian De Palmas Sisters and AJ gives his weekly rant about how having a positive outlet and mindset is better than having a negative one. Featured music is comprised of the recovered tracks of AJ's first band, Guard Dogs and Sentinels. Enjoy!...Or don't.. whatever. Follow us on Twitter @theWPPC @AjayVens @SeanPrior237 Let us know what you think. Have a topic for us to discuss? Let us know.

Wolfpack Podcast Episode 5 - Soul Sherpa

Wolfpack Podcast Episode 5. we get to hang out and chat with four members of Cedar Rapids, IA based Soul/funk/Jazz group, Soul Sherpa. The world of Jazz has a lot of similarities yet plenty of differences from the metal, rock, punk scenes. We dive in to what started them on their path down music, what drove them towards jazz and soul, and what brought them together as a band, Soul Sherpa is also in the process of getting ready to release their newest EP entitled "Invest In This". some of which you will be able to hear through out the episode. The EP will be dropping on August 2nd, and very soon after you will be able to catch them performing live at Wolfpack Summer Jam 2016! Also in this episode; Sean takes 'Prior's Picks' to new mediums and platforms and AJ get's a little something off his chest about professionalism, humility, and the details of of finishing a product.

Wolfpack Podcast Episode 4 - The Zealots & Eric Osborn

Quad City Rock band, The Zealots come to the studio to give a glimpse in to the daily grind that they've made in to the religion. but what sounds like a lot of work to some, is more fun than any of them could ask for. Coming off their first tour as a 5 piece group, The Zealots are also joined by the man that captured some of the finer moments of The Gentlemen's Tour on film, Cedar Rapids own, Eric Osborn. Eric was also the lone photographer responsible for just about everything you saw from Wolfpack Summer Jam 2015; where it just so happens both parties met and eventually joined forces on the road. Hit play and have a listen to the ups and downs, the ins and outs, and the past present and future of what in store for one of Iowa premiere break out bands! featured music by The Zealots "It's Always London in you Brain" "Water in a Wine Glass" "Ghost" follow them on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and about any other social media outlet you can think of! and be sure to check out their music online at Sound Cloud, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and even on Touch Tunes at you local bar! FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/TheZealots TWITTER: www.twitter.com/WeAreTheZealots INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/WeAreTheZealots PUREVOLUME: www.purevolume.com/WeAreTheZealots YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/TheZealotsOfficial Follow the hosts and join the conversation! @ajayvens @seanprior237

Wolfpack Podcast Episode 3 - Dustin Gordy & Reid Anderson

Wolfpack Podcast Episode3: Dustin G and Reid Anderson. Belches, beers, and Faces Turned Ashen the Band. In this episode we sit down and talk with our guests about how they each fell in love with music and their individual journeys with becoming the musicians they are today. Also discussed are the issues surounding the local music scene as well as the many great things about being a musician in Iowa. But before all that in our pre show jibber jabber: (I'll add this once we record.) Look for Faces Turned Ashen on this year's Wolfpack Summer Jam and also a new record by the group as well as a new music video in the coming months! Let us know how we're doing! Tell us what you think of the show and what you want to hear us talk about. Hit us up on Twitter. @SeanPrior237 and @AjayVens

WpPc Episode 2.5 - Gabe reasoner

We come back with Gabe Reasoner of Hunter Dumped Us Here to discuss some of the finer points of the music business. We just felt the conversation wasn't over; we all had some more to say. From fluctuating attendance at local shows, to the business practices behind pre-sale ticket shows. Brent Whiting of Wolfpack Productions joins the conversation with his own credible experiences and input to give an additional perspective in the industry.

WpPC Episode 2 - Gabe Reasoner

WpPC Episode 2 - Gabe Reasoner by I'm Super Stoked Podcast

Wolfpack Podcast Episode 1 With Nick Booth

Wolfpack Podcast Episode 1 picks right up with special guest, Nick Booth! We get to chat about what got him started in music, his take on the local music scene, past present and future endeavors, and much much more! We will be featuring music from Nick's band, avoid. throughout the episode. Also in this episode we catch up on what the hell took so long for episode 1 to get posted, Sean discuss' his movie picks this week in "Priors Picks", And AJ has something to say about pre-sale tickets. (SOME AUDIO ISSUES NEAR THE BEGINNING. please bear with us as we perfect our product!)

Wolfpack Podcast Pilot

Wolfpack Podcast Pilot episode. Hosted by Sean Prior and AJ Vens, Wolfpack Podcast will be discussing the music industry and how it is scaled to the local, regional, and national levels. Each week will also include special guests, "Priors Picks" for Sean's favorite movies, upcoming concerts and shows, featured artists, and much much more! Connect with the hosts. Ask questions. give us your feedback, or jump in on the conversation! Sean Prior - seanprior237 AJ Vens - ajayvens