I'm Super Stoked

I'm Super Stoked Podcast is a show created by Sean Prior and AJ Vens. Based on, you guessed it, anything and everything we're super stoked on. Allow us to give you our Generation Y take on Music, movies, video games, beer, wine, current events, and nearly everything entertainment. What's the point in growing up if you can't be bitter and laugh about it?

This is a group open to anyone and everyone willing to join the conversation and perpetuate a fun conversation for the I'M SUPER STOKED PODCAST. We love just about everything music and movies. television, streaming services, concerts, creative endeavors, beer, wine, and much much more!

The more you participate here, the more often we can mention you on the podcast, and maybe even bring you on for a guest appearance! So please, don't hold back! Give us the ammunition so we can quote you and include you in the show!

Celebrities Gone But Not Forgotten

24 Hour Movies

Pro Wrestling Walk Out Music

Special Guests - Halfloves

Clock House Brewing Special

Fantasy Casting Call w/ BJ Rissi

Cross-Dimensional Castings

Box Office Bomb Ass Movies

Music Conspiracies Continued

Music that gets you UP UP UP!

Political Softicide

Hard Side - I(drink)Tunes

B-Lister? I Hardly Know Her!

Fewdz, Bewz, and Drewgz

The Platinum Era of Compact Discs.

Back on the Road!

Now That's What I Call Party Music!

Virus?! You Hardly Know Us!

Music That Makes Us Cry w/ Mike Schulte

Soft Side: Over Sober

Wanted: Dead Or Alive. The Musicians We Want to Meet.

They got an Arcade?


Carl Busch Pt. 2 Favorite Concerts

Soft Side: ISS Producer Carl Busch

DECADEnt Movies

Holiday Specials that put us in the Mood

Do You Even Sports, Bro?

Rom Coms that Dom

Top 5 Halloween candy!

Comedian Travis Bails Gets Super Stoked.

Remake Reboot Redemption

Tom Hanks is Everyones Dad

Classic Cult Classics

childhood snack attacks

1999 The Turn of the Millennia for Cinema!

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

the good, the bad, and the artists that wrote them.

We're not Crying You're Crying! Movies that make us cry with Mike Schulte

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Super Stoked

Merica the Moviful


Let's talk about Sex!..Scenes.

the boot and scoot

Top 5 Disney channel Original Movies

The American Toast Gets Super Stoked

Now That's What I Call the Soundtrack of your Childhood

TOP 5 Good, Bad Movies

Video Game Movies W/ Ray Vens

Apocalypse NOW, BRUH!

April Fool's Special! Parody Movies!

St. Patty's Day Pals

True Crime True Drama True Hype

Top 5 Winter Movies

Top 5 Overrated bands and musicians

Top 5 Childhood Toys w/ Nick Himes

Desert Island Movies w/ Mike Schulte

Crime Movies w/ Nick Merulla

EP. 30 - Halloween

ISS - Wolfman Got Super Stoked

Ep. 28 -SlowMo Intros w/ Megan Seals

Ep. 27- Stranger Still

Ep. 26 Actors you'll watch in anything - Kyle Derosiers & Jasmine Gonzalez

Ep. 25 - top 5(and bottom 5)Movie Sequels

Ep. 24 - Top 5 destination vacation spots pt. 2

Ep. 23 - Top 5 destination vacation spots part 1 w/ Carl Busch

Ep. 22 - Top 5 Movie Scores

Ep. 21 - Killing Time

Ep. 20 - Top 5 Movie Soundtracks

Ep. 19 - Bunker TV

Ep. 18 - Top 5 Documentaries

Ep. 17 - Super Hero Movies

Ep. 16 - this or that

Ep. 15 - Summer Movies

Ep. 14 - Top 5 Episode of The Office w/ Nick Merulla

I'm Super Stoked Bonus Episode w/ Nick Merulla (pre top 5 Office Episodes)

Ep. 13 - childhood cartoons w/ Nick Barritt

I'm Super Stoked After Hours - A Quiet Place

Ep. 12 - Top 5 Shows from childhood

WpPc - The Guest List Mike Schulte - Bridging the Gap