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I'm Super Stoked Podcast is a show created by Sean Prior and AJ Vens. Based on, you guessed it, anything and everything we're super stoked on. Allow us to give you our Generation Y take on Music, movies, video games, beer, wine, current events, and nearly everything entertainment. What's the point in growing up if you can't be bitter and laugh about it?

This is a group open to anyone and everyone willing to join the conversation and perpetuate a fun conversation for the I'M SUPER STOKED PODCAST. We love just about everything music and movies. television, streaming services, concerts, creative endeavors, beer, wine, and much much more!

The more you participate here, the more often we can mention you on the podcast, and maybe even bring you on for a guest appearance! So please, don't hold back! Give us the ammunition so we can quote you and include you in the show!

Latest Episode - Show Notes


On this episode of I’m Super Stoked we have returning guest Nick Merulla. Nick was on our Office episodes and has come back to discuss a favorite sub genre of film we all are Stoked about...crime films!

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EP. 30 – Halloween


EP. 30 - Halloween by I'm Super Stoked Podcast

ISS – Wolfman Got Super Stoked


On this episode the boys are guestless and that means it’s time to catch up with each other. AJ has some very special brews to try and review on the show as our thirst for craft beer may never be quenched. Sean has a ton of Priors Picks including The Predator, Destination Wedding, Mandy, and the boys have a special vacation to talk about. The Monster Squad is collectively a favorite movie of I’m Super Stoked Podcast. AJ and Sean went and saw a double feature of Wolfman's Got Nards, a new documentary and The Monster Squad. star of TMS and director of Wolfman's Got Nards, Andre' Gower was there for a Q and A and we have some stories to tell you.

Ep. 28 -SlowMo Intros w/ Megan Seals


You know those moments in life when you just feel like a badass and somewhere there’s a badass slo motion song playing just for you? Perhaps, you stood up to that bully, maybe you finally kissed the girl or boy, or maybe just maybe you flicked a cigarette onto some gasoline and exploded your enemy into a fiery satisfying ball of vengeance.

Ep. 27- Stranger Still


We are back with an all new episode and prepare to get strange. We have our friends, Nick Wood and Jon Biegen, hosts of the podcast, Stranger Still, on our show today and things get weird, spooky, and down right paranormal. We talk about a hodgepodge of weird including cryptids, urban legends, ghosts and the Slenderman movie and the origin of our most modern cryptid/urban legends.

Ep. 26 Actors you’ll watch in anything – Kyle Derosiers & Jasmine Gonzalez


In this very special episode we have two guests hailing all the way from Los Angeles, California to talk with us about actors we will watch in anything. Acting is not easy but the peoole in our curated lists make it look like it is.

Ep. 25 – top 5(and bottom 5)Movie Sequels


In this episode the boys catch up on some recent events including a laundry list of Priors Picks and some IPAs from a friend of the show Luke Flanangan. Some sequels elevate the original material and some just shit all over it. The boys discuss what makes a great sequel as well as what makes a sequel straight trash.


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