Ep. 28 -SlowMo Intros w/ Megan Seals

You know those moments in life when you just feel like a badass and somewhere there’s a badass slo motion song playing just for you? Perhaps, you stood up to that bully, maybe you finally kissed the girl or boy, or maybe just maybe you flicked a cigarette onto some gasoline and exploded your enemy into a fiery satisfying ball of vengeance.


Megan Seals

Show Notes

On today’s episode we talk about our Top 5 slo mo entrance/songs to walk badass to. That’s right, those songs that play in your mind when everything is going right in your world and everything slows down. We are joined by our friend and Cedar Rapids comedian Megan Seals. Megan is an up and coming stand up who brings us this topic along with plentiful other great moments in the show. Of course no show would be complete without some Priors Picks or What We’re Drinking.

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