ISS – Crime Movies w/ Nick Merulla

On this episode of I’m Super Stoked we have returning guest Nick Merulla. Nick was on our Office episodes and has come back to discuss a favorite sub genre of film we all are Stoked about...crime films!


Nick Merulla

Show Notes

But first it wouldn’t be an episode without Priors Picks. On deck today is the remake of the 1977 classic horror film Suspiria, as well as some discussion on the new Daredevil season in Netflix and a quick review of The Haunting Of Hill House.

We hope you’re thirsty because on today’s What Are We Drinking we have some special surprises and some unreleased treasures.

“Yeah, see??” We are ranking our top 5 crime films along with some honarable mentions. How many times will Martin Scorsese be mentioned? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

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