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From interviews with rising hip-hop artists, to the drunken screams of a beer delivery-man. You are guaranteed to learn something new about someone you might have heard of, and maybe a little something about yourself.

Latest Episode - Show Notes


It was fantastic to sit down with the hilarious Jack Lewis. As one of the creators of the wildly popular The Sunday Sermon, he has become a fixture in the comedy scene, and a beloved religious icon.

Ep. 36 | Gabbagoo


It's officially 2019. 2018 was a weird one, but lots of great things happened. Let's Ruin Our Childhood officially has 50 episodes, NO SLEEP sold out the Kum & Go Theater, and AJ made good on his word and officially attended the McGrane family Christmas.

Ep. 35 | Just Hangin’


After hours of interviews it was nice to go back to what we do best: Nothin' at all. Come down to the basement and hang out with us while we talk about Christmas lights, cat paintings, and Toll's self-depreciation.

Ep. 34 | Carnage The Executioner


Don't let the super-villain name intimidate you, he's a very nice executioner. Whether he’s rapping, producing, performing, teaching kids to beatbox or working his former job as a youth counselor, it’s clear the man most commonly known as Carnage The Executioner was born to do two things: instruct and entertain.

Ep. 33 | Casting Out Podcast Festival


Casting Out is Des Moines' first ever podcast festival and this podcast was lucky enough to invited! We talk about love, life, and most importantly, aliens.

Ep. 32 | Toby Diligent


He has been all around the country playing hip hop for the masses.

Ep. 31 | B.Well Returns


This has been to the basement before. He's a hip hop hallmark of the city, and you can see his beautiful face this Saturday at Kum & Go theater for NO SLEEP. The podcast welcomes B. Well back to the player lair.


AJ Simmons

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