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Ep. 37 | Jack’s Back!

It was fantastic to sit down with the hilarious Jack Lewis. As one of the creators of the wildly popular The Sunday Sermon, he has become a fixture in the comedy scene, and a beloved religious icon.

Ep. 36 | Gabbagoo

It's officially 2019. 2018 was a weird one, but lots of great things happened. Let's Ruin Our Childhood officially has 50 episodes, NO SLEEP sold out the Kum & Go Theater, and AJ made good on his word and officially attended the McGrane family Christmas.

Ep. 35 | Just Hangin’

After hours of interviews it was nice to go back to what we do best: Nothin' at all. Come down to the basement and hang out with us while we talk about Christmas lights, cat paintings, and Toll's self-depreciation.

Ep. 34 | Carnage The Executioner

Don't let the super-villain name intimidate you, he's a very nice executioner. Whether he’s rapping, producing, performing, teaching kids to beatbox or working his former job as a youth counselor, it’s clear the man most commonly known as Carnage The Executioner was born to do two things: instruct and entertain.

Ep. 33 | Casting Out Podcast Festival

Casting Out is Des Moines' first ever podcast festival and this podcast was lucky enough to invited! We talk about love, life, and most importantly, aliens.

Ep. 32 | Toby Diligent

He has been all around the country playing hip hop for the masses.

Ep. 31 | B.Well Returns

This has been to the basement before. He's a hip hop hallmark of the city, and you can see his beautiful face this Saturday at Kum & Go theater for NO SLEEP. The podcast welcomes B. Well back to the player lair.

Ep. 30 | Shrieking Tree

The sultans of short films, the award winning creative team behind Note To Self, Whistle Boys, and NaziMaker, and most important of all: The team who shoots the NO SLEEP live show. The show welcomes Justin and Jessup from Shrieking Tree.

Ep. 29 | Christmas Is Coming

The first snow has fallen, cars are heating up in the driveways, and ol' man winter has officially arrived. And you know what that means? Christmas is coming. It's never too early to start talking about it so it's only right the podcast brought in Des Moines resident Christmas experts, Alex Carter and Toll McGrane.

Ep. 28 | Live!

NO SLEEP attempted its first podcast in front of live audience ever as part of the Beast Village Comedy Festival. Results pending.

Ep. 27 | Beast Village Comedy Festival

Alex Carter and Toll McGrane (Beast Village producers) joined the program to talk about the history of the festival, what goes into putting it together, and raccoons.

Ep. 26 | John Bush

He has performed standup on HBO, Comedy Central, and Late Night with Conan O Brien. He's acted on shows such as Spin City and Law and Order SVU. The first time AJ met him he accidentally played music during his set. Come say hello to the wonderful and very forgiving Mr. John Bush!

Ep. 25 | Movie Night #2

All the interviews fell through so we watched a movie again instead! This time joined by Toll McGrane (Let's Ruin Our Childhood, Beast Village Comedy Festival), and Aaron VanPelt (NS producer, scientist). We watched The Flintstones and it was not goodman.

Ep. 24 | Movie Night

It was an Iowa summer night in 2018. The beer was flowing, the projector was humming, and it made a lot more sense at the time. AJ invited Wade to the player lair to watch a movie. That movie was Benji.

Ep. 23 | Tha Füt Returns

Riding the wave after the release of two solo singles and the NS show Aug. 4, D.O.M. and Scotty Pee from Tha Füt return to the NO SLEEP podcast. There's talk of future releases, the new Eminem album, and superheroes. Need we say more?

Ep. 22 | Theater Of The Mind

The NO SLEEP cast performs their magnum opus. A true masterpiece of storytelling and intrigue. Put your party hats on, and then throw them in the ocean because this is dead serious.

Ep. 21 | Perry Thompson

You saw him on stage killing at the Kum & Go Theater Aug.3 for NO SLEEP, and emceeing his fitted off at the Juneteenth Comedy recently with the likes of Malcom Hatchett. He's Perry T!

Ep. 20 | The Doyles

One of Des Moines' comedy power couples. One hails from Marshalltown, the other from Milwaukee. They run Panic! at The Basement alongside Dante Powell, regularly on the road, and they're the coalescence of hardwork, talent, and sweet, sweet love.

Ep. 19 | Dante Powell

MooseRattler...Kanye West Des Moines... He's known by many names, but known for one thing: comedy. He's been around the country performing at events such as Bird City Comedy Festival, Green Gravel Comedy Festival, and in clubs everywhere. You can find him regularly at the Des Moines' Funny Bone and on his show Panic! at The Basement of the Social Club.

Ep. 18 | Justin Bulver

Soft of speech, but hard as the dickens. A feature comedian on the upcoming NO SLEEP show August 4th, and a friend to all who cross his path, Justin Bulver.

Ep. 17 | Growing Up pt.2

This is a special episode. We had various comedians from Des Moines come on to regale us with stories of utter failure from their childhood. The same stories that ultimately lead to them seeking validation from strangers while standing on stage.

Ep. 16 | Growing Up pt.1

This is a special episode. We had various comedians from Des Moines come on to regale us with stories of utter failure from their childhood. The same stories that ultimately lead to them seeking validation from strangers while standing on stage.

Ep. 15 | Danny Carman

If you've been to any major event in Des Moines in the last 6 months he was probably there shooting. Photos that is. He's one of the city's premier event photographers, perpetual nice guy, and completely tireless.

Ep. 14 | Tommy Morgan Jr.

He's one half of Adult Pizza Party at Felix and Oscars, the Roastmaster General of Des Moines, and often mistaken as a possible hitman. His love is hard-won, but I think deep down he has a soft center like the rest of us. He's Tommy Morgan Jr.

Ep. 13 | Dan Umthun

One of the godfathers of local comedy, the proprietor of Underground Comedy: Des Moines, Beast Village Comedy Festival, and the weekly comic book vidcast The Doomcast. He's one of the most passionate and hard working people in the city, and without him us newer comics might not exist.

Ep. 12 | Zach Thompson

He's one of the most controversial, and hilarious comedians working in the city. Two reasons why he won the crowd-vote to headline the second NS show this past November. Love him or hate him, but probably hate him.

Ep. 11 | Lefty’s Live Music

A picturesque day on the porch with beer, bacon, and the owners of Lefty's Live Music. They provide the premier open mic in the city, and a haven for all the comedy weirdos. Anne, Erik, and Lefty were a treat to have on the podcast, and treats were given to Lefty for being on the podcast.

Ep. 10 | Tomme O’Neil

The host of all the NO SLEEP Live shows, host of Adult Pizza Party, contributor to Beast Village Comedy Festival, and Des Moines' designated comedy dad. The timeless, the sage, Tomme ONeil.

Ep. 9 | B.Well

B.Well is one of Des Moines' premier hip-hop artists. His debut album The Hills released on January 27, and it can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and other music services. He's always making moves, try your best to keep up. Special guests: Dom & Scotty from Tha Füt

Ep. 8 | NS3 Show Recap

Some of the cast, crew, and other friends from the 3rd, and final show of the first NO SLEEP season recap the show with memories and awkward silence! We return for the 2nd season August 4th, in the Kum & Go Theater. See you then.

Ep. 7 | Sid Juwarker

Voted Best Actor by 48 Hour Film Project in 2017, chosen for Business Record's 40 Under 40, regular guest on Chowdown comedy, and treasured by Des Moines' stand-up scene. Future best credit: Feature comedian on NO SLEEP April 13 at The Basement!

Ep. 6 | Onnalee

Co-creator of Drunk Book Club, cast regular of Chowdown Comedy, and one of the feature comics on the upcoming NO SLEEP show on April 13!

Ep. 5 | Matt Jacobsen & Wade Taylor

Matt was the winner of Floodwater Freshest Comics Contest in 2017. By winning he earned himself a spot performing at Floodwater Comedy Festival earlier this month. Wade is a borderline drifter, but that didn't stop him from being booked on various shows around our great state. They're both regulars in the Des Moines comedy scene, and we love them both. See for yourself on the upcoming NO SLEEP show on April 13, 9pm, at The Basement.

Ep. 4 | Tha Füt

One of the most talented, and generous musical acts in all of Des Moines. Tha Füt have been seen on stage for 80/35, and 515 Alive music festivals. They've also shared the stage with acts like Lil Uzi Vert, Pouya, Warren G, and many more.

Ep. 3 | Sarah Mattox & Sam Hirchak

The co-headliners of the upcoming NO SLEEP show on April 13. You can find Sarah hosting Brunch With The Basics every 2nd Sunday, and Sam at various open mics always asking for Yukon Jack.

Ep. 2 | Toll McGrane: Highlights

We recorded over 3 hours with Toll in one sitting, and condensed it into all the best bits! Stand up comedian, co-host of Let's Ruin Our Childhood, delivery man for Confluence Brewery, and a FIAT owner. Toll is one of the linchpins in the Des Moines comedy scene. FIAT BEEOTCH!

Ep. 1 | Alex Carter

Alex owns and operates Black Cat Ice Cream, he cohosts the podcast Let's Ruin Our Childhood, he's a stand up comedian, an artist, former pastry chef, and plant enthusiast. A true philomath and student of life.

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