The Confused Breakfast

A nostalgic journey back to the movie rental store era and the amazing movies from our childhood that we all know and love. With the benefit of 20+ years of hindsight, we revisit and dissect these classic movies to see if they still hold up.

The Monster Squad (1987)

It’s October and spooky season is upon us. What better movie to dissect than 1987’s The Monster Squad. A movie where a group of kids save the world from an invasion of the Universal Classic Monsters. This movie is quite literally the definition of a Cult Classic Movie and if you haven’t seen it, it’s not too late. Go do it now!

Top 5 Fall Movies

It's that time of year. The leaves are changing, the air is getting cool and crisp and we are all breaking out the flannels and hoodies on our way to grab a pumpkin spice latte. Fall is a special time of year and many people's favorite season. Join us as we talk about our top 5 fall movies to get you in the mood.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Is this the greatest sequel of all-time? Do the special effects and action sequences hold up 30 years later? Is the nuclear apocalypse scene still one of the most horrifying scenes in any movie? Does John Connor's best friend, Bobby Budnick get sent to summer camp after his run in with the T-1000? We tackle all of these burning questions and more!

The Great Outdoors (1988)

Summer vacations with the family. Trees, the lake, cabins, fishing, hiking, and unfortunately the in-laws. Two comedy giants go head to head in The Great Outdoors vying for the affections of their families, bears, and the locals. We hope you brought your appetite, cause we got 96oz of lips and a**holes to get through!

The Mighty Ducks (1992)

District 5! Look alive! The Mighty Ducks taught us the importance of a quarter of an inch, team work, fair play, and compassion, right Mr. Ducksworth? When Gordon Bombay is called upon to be of service to his community, he goes above and beyond and teaches a group of young hockey players to fly. Because ducks fly together! So let's all take the fall, act hurt and get indignant, because that big shot you took as a kid wasn't even that important. QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK!

I'VE NEVER SEEN... The Cutting Edge (1992)

In talking about what movies to review next, we started noticing that there were a few instances where one of the hosts felt passionate about a particular movie from childhood, and the other 2 hosts had never seen it. So we came up with a new idea for an episode. We will be reviewing a classic movie from 2 different perspectives. First, from the perspective of someone who has seen the movie countless times. And secondly, from the perspective of 2 people that have JUST watched the movie for the first and only time. Today's episode will focus on a classic from 1992, 'The Cutting Edge.' Whether you have seen it or you haven't, this will be a fun episode for you to listen to!

The Fast and The Furious (2001)

Time to prep the nos, bump those subs, and pop the top on any beer you want, as long as it's a Corona. We're tackling 2001's The Fast and the Furious. An undercover cop tries to infiltrate an underground society to find out the identity of a group of robbers before things take a turn for the worse... wait.. why does this sound familiar?? Buckle up! Line up! and whatever you do, don't hit your little red nos button first!

Point Break (1991)

Surfs up brah! Time for one wild ride in the tube. This is Point Break! Surfing, bank robbers, corona, girls, guns, Reeves, and Swayze. Time to get your feet wet and your board waxed. Utah! Get me two!

Top 5 Summer Movies

In an effort to shake things up, we decided to give you a sneak peak into what our Patreon-Only audio sounds like. This week, we have a free-flowing discussion about our top 5 summer movies. The movies that make you feel the heat of summer from the comfort of your air-conditioned couch. The movies that remind you of those magical summers from your childhood.

Stand By Me (1986)

You guys wanna see a dead body? It's time to tell a white lie to our folks, dodge some trains, count up our change, and take turns standing guard. With a young all star cast and a director with a personal mission wrapped in a Stephen King novella things are bound to get seriously silly and strange. Stand by Me will take you back to childhood adventures with your best friends whether we like it or not.

MINI-BYTE: The Adventures of Pete and Pete

Remember when you were a kid? Your world was as small and linear as it was ever going to be. But somehow everything inside of it felt bigger and more important than you could possibly fathom. Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete and Pete somehow perfectly encapsulated the feelings of grandiosity and wonder in the most simple of things when growing up. Let’s look back on possibly one of the most timeless shows of the 90’s.

Jurassic Park (1993)

They say you should never meet your heroes. whether your hero is the person funding your projects, or it's a 40 ft tall thunder lizard that's been spliced with frog DNA. Jurassic Park; is it a kids movie? A horror flick? Somewhere in between? With an all star cast, some of the best screams in cinema, a John Williams score, and special effects that, unlike dinosaurs themselves, have stood the test of time, we dive in deep to see if we're still infatuated with the original Jurassic Park.

Encino Man (1992)

Heavyweights (1995)

MINI-BYTE: Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis

The Sandlot (1993)

Bloodsport (1988)

Dazed and Confused (1993)

MINI-BYTE: Nostalgic 90's Drinks

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)

Blank Check (1994)

Uncle Buck (1989)

MINI-BYTE: Nostalgic 90's Snack Food

You loved them as a kid, but they hate you as adults. After school snacks, lunchtime delights, late night sleep over supplies, or the reward after a summer bike ride. It’s all about the candy, chips, snacks, and sweets we had growing up to supply a sugar high tide or something to sneak when we didn’t finish our dinner.

Harry and the Hendersons (1987)

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Do you think it's friendly? Do big feet really mean.... you know..? We get all these answers and more thanks to our friend's, the Hendersons! A warm-hearted late 1980's family comedy that holds a special place in history with award winning costume and make up, sizable acting performances, and a bromance to end all bromances.

MINI-BYTE: American Gladiators

Hello everybody and welcome to American Gladiators! When did you get to watch AG? Home from school? Over at a friends house? Up late and can't sleep while eating Cheetos? Either way we definitely all thought we could do better than the contenders. We discuss the origins, the games, and of course, the gladiators in this eliminator of an episode where we separate the best from the rest!

The Goonies (1985)

HEY YOU GUUYYS! Where were you when the Goondocks almost went under? We should have been cruising the coast, sniffin’ some lace, downing the brews! BUT NOOOO. We had to watch while 4 boys led us on the ultimate adventure on the last goonies weekend. Mikey’s sense of adventure, Chunk’s stomach, Mouth’s mouth, and data’s booty traps, We cover everything in this childhood classic; The good enough, the bad(like real bad), and the Fratelli’s.

Intermission: A Look Back On This Season So Far

We had to take a breather. It's been a whirlwind season for this podcast. 14 movies and 7 mini-bytes since October. We pause to reflect on the movies and topics we discussed. This includes picking our favorites episodes and moments, as well as analyzing the stats. Who was the nicest critic and who was the meanest? We tell you all that and more!

Mortal Kombat (1995)

Can movies be made into video games? Or maybe more importantly, can video games really be made into movies? This may be one of the few that makes the cut. Through all the mismanaged budget, an obnoxious animatronic nightmare, some medium white washing, and well; a script that needed more combat; we got a bloodless Mortal Kombat that makes the cut for adaptive video game flicks!..right?

MINI-BYTE: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Submitted for the approval of the Confused Breakfast Society, this miny-byte is sure to be a spewky one! Are You Afraid Of The Dark was a staple of childhood nights and weekend. We go back and break down everything from its humble origins, the cast, the scariest and the lamest stories and of course, who got the most scared! Clowns, Vampires, Zombies, OH MY! Just remember, it's only a story. Or is it?

The Breakfast Club (1985)

In this SUPER CEREAL episode we get know each other and ourselves a little bit better. What happens when you force 5 strangers from different worlds in a common space for 9 hours with an bad guy seemingly lurking around every corner? No, this isn't a super hero story, It's The Breakfast Club. When the walls come down and and questions are answered we find our true selves and that maybe we all have more in common than we assumed. Come sit in a circle, tell us why you're here, show us your talent, laugh, cry, and get mad, all in the name of finding out who you are.

MINI-BYTE: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

GO GO POWER RANGERS! Mighty Morphing Power Rangers isn't exactly what it seems. We find out the origins of this 90's childhood favorite and how behind the scenes wasn't all hand gestures and hiyah's. How many spinoffs are there? Why didn't Triny also wear a skirt, Did Angel Grove have Zord insurance? And most importantly, Which ranger were you??? IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!

Over The Top (1987)

Buckle up for Sylvester Stallone in the pinnacle of his career! Like you've never seen him before! Against all odds! A true underdog in 1987's Over The Top! Trucker, Lincoln Hawk and his son Mike rekindle a lost relationship on the road to the biggest arm wrestling competition in the world per the request of Mike's ill mother. Will they find a way to meet each other half way? Will Mike take his dad's last name(tehe)? Does Sylvester Stallone even care about this movie? Tighten up your hat a half a turn and focus up! we're going over the top!

MINI-BYTE: Nickelodeon GUTS

You know the games, you know the hosts, you know the teams, you know the drill. But do you have what it takes to claim your own piece of that radical rock? We answer so many questions surrounding Nickelodeon’s most competitive game show. No if’s, ands, or buts, these kids got guts. Do do do do you have it? GUTS!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

COWABUNGA! 4 regular teenage brothers love to talk about girls, eat pizza, skateboard; the usual. But when their home is burglarized and their adoptive father is kidnapped, they'll stop at nothing to get him back. Did we mention that they're giant turtles and their dad is a giant rat? Oh and their best friends are a pushy shock journalist and an abusive middle aged washed out hockey, it's great we promise!

MINI-BYTE: The Original Nintendo (NES)

8-bit bliss. Back to a simpler time of side scrollers and 2D adventures. We're talking about the system that caused the boom of the video game industry. Revolutionary by all comparisons of the era, N.E.S. paved the way for what we know and curse at today. Come and find out all about the little known facts and largely ignored accessories of the N.E.S. Ecosystem. PRESS START.

3 Ninjas (1992)

AYAA!!! Ninjas, nukes, prepubescent crushes, kidnappers, and bike thieves? Just another day in lives of these 3 boys. Don’t choke on your jelly beans, we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. P.s. R❤️E

MINI-BYTE: The Price is Right

COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on the PRICE IS RIIIGGGHHHT! This weeks mini-byte is everyones favorite sick day TV show. From the humble beginnings to the elaborate suits of Rod Roddy, the pretty ladies and the fixed pets. There's one thing that will always remain true. It's impossible to hate that Bob Barker.

Speed (1994)

POP QUIZ HOT SHOT! You've got an all-star cast in a ridiculous scenario with enough pyrotechnics to level a city block. What do you do? Well you dissect it in all of its obnoxious glory. Keep your hands and feet inside at all times, and what ever you do don't lose your head. Sir Isaac Newton, this ones for you!

MINI-BYTE: The Life and Death of Video Rental Stores

Babylon, Rome, Constantinople, The Yankees, The Bulls, Big Tobacco, cartridge video games, CD's, and now... Video Stores. History's giants often fall the hardest. With the final chains closing their doors, we take a moment to show our respect.. kind of.

The Wedding Singer (1998)

Everyone out on the floor! No Exceptions! We're taking this party into the night! Let's keep it fun and keep in the mid-eighties, with Adam Sandler's 1998 instant classic The Wedding Singer. So roll up your sport jacket sleeves, and take off that lone glitter glove. We've got a wedding to play!

MINI-BYTE: Legends of the Hidden Temple

The first of many Mini-Bytes! We take our own temple run through Legends of the Hidden Temple. Where most fail we will prevail and secure the coveted trip to Busch Gardens and some Nickelodeon ankle breakers AKA Moon Shoes! Take up your colorful signet and join our expedition!

The Karate Kid (1984)

A new year means new beginnings. And new beginnings can be cruel. Cruel like a high school rival that you kind of brought on yourself since you couldn't leave well enough alone. Its The Karate Kid and honestly Daniel San is kind of a San of a B**ch... Episode timeline: 0:00:00- Introduction 0:03:40- Were our hosts cool in high school? 0:09:45- Pertinent movie details from Sean 0:14:30- Reactions and thoughts about the first time we saw this movie 0:17:30- Critical and fan reviews from AJ 0:23:15- Scene by scene breakdown 1:23:45- The host's modern day ratings

Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone took on a whole new meaning in 2020. But in 1990 this instant holiday classic justified Castle Laws across the country.

The Santa Clause (1994)

What would you do if Santa died right in front of you? Would you walk away or would you take responsibility and take up the mantle of Kris Kringle himself?

Big (1988)

We've all wished we were bigger. But maybe we should all be a little more specific. Josh soon discovers being a grown up isn't all it's cracked up to be, even in the toy industry.

Lethal Weapon (1987)

One is getting old. The other is just getting started. Endless bullets and one-liners make for what most would say is the ultimate buddy cop movie. Does it still hold up? Or is it too cheesy for the formidable crust of casting and crew?

BeetleJuice (1988)

Hey! Nobody says the B word! Audiences and critics agree, life after death ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Hocus Pocus (1993)

IT'S JUST A BUNCH OF HOCUS POCUS! It's gonna take a lot more than some candy and zippo tricks to put a spell on us.

Introduction. Hello.

A nostalgic journey back to the movie rental store era and the amazing movies from our childhood that we all know and love. With the benefit of 20+ years of hindsight, we revisit and dissect these classic movies to see if they still hold up.