The Men of Misfortune

The Men of Misfortune is a misfit group of friends on the hunt for some of the most bizarre, hilarious, and outrageous stories that slide through the cracks and onto our show. NSFW.

Episode 6: Morning cup of chaos/The Zodiac killer?

Its the new shows first episode, we're still polishing off a few things before we kick this thing off into full gear, But have no fear The morning cup of Chaos is here, Hitting it off heavy with some deranged stories and a quick summery of the Zodiac killer and the new news that is surrounding new evidence in the long silence of the case.

Episode 5: Under pressure

Digging into the spooky season we talk about the new hit tv show, the squid games.Along with digging into some creepypastas and things get a little dark in a new haunted house.

Episode 4: Soulsborne

Come listen to Tyler, Dan, Mason and jake as we do our usual rambles and crazy stories while we get into our first important issue (bound to break up the group) . Blood borne or Dark Souls?

Episode 3: Ménage à Trois

Follow Tyler, Dan, Mason, And Jake as we get lost in some of the more funnier stories involving a sasquatch and how to survive a burtal hangover on a sunday.

Episode 2: The Darker It Gets

Follow Tyler, Dan, Tom, Talon and with featured guest Christian as we explore some of the darker things we have found lately on the news. NSFW!!!

Episode 1: The New Beginning

Were back at it again with a full group. Follow Tyler, Dan, talon, and fill in guest Tom pitts as we dive into the Real First episode of Men of Misfortune

Episode zero: The warm up

Follow Dan, Mason, Talon and Tyler as they talk about themselves and the ideas for the show. surprise guest luis